Farmamak which is giving great importance to the development of new products continues to invest in products produced outside of Turkey. Farmamak offers innovative and competitive products to both Turkey and the world and its ANTI-FOG PET product is among the best selling products of its kind especially in Europe! Damp builds up above the folio of products with high moisture content such as vegetables and fruit, meant and fish products and convenience food; but dump doesn't build up on the surface of ANTI-FOG Pet folio, the product maintains its transparency and makes the content of the container clearly visible.


Thermoformed containers made from OPS (Oriented Polystyrene) are used in the convenience food sector which is growing day by day especially when serving the food hot (up to 90oC). Currently available A-PET folios cannot be used at above mentioned high temperatures, because they cannot retain their shape. However, thanks to excellent visual features,environmental dimension and high temperature resistance, the PET folio meets the market expectations.

Farmamak met the expectations of the market in the year 2014 with PET folios, which are resistant to high-temperatures (90oC) and have a glassy appearance. It's compatible with any type of food, may it be greasy, moist, acidic or alcoholic. This is the first example of this usage in our country, as well as in world.


Active PET provide longer shelf life to the oxygen sensitive products. It has very high oxygen barrier even better than EVOH, being processed only in one line, Active PET sheet provide long shelf life to the oxygen sensitive product by disabling oxygen enter to the package inside and scavenge oxygen inside the package, it is %100 recyclable.


Our new heat resistant PLA have been proven to withstand boiling water. “This will provide brandowners with the opportunity to select a more sustainable alternative for their hotfill applications"

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