Farmamak is proud to be Turkey's first and only manufacturer of eco-friendly rigid folios.Farmamak's aim especially in 2014 is to ensure the recycling chain and use sustainable and renewable products, in the name of an efficient use of energy and other resources.

Various thermoformed products are made from PLA (Polylactic acid) folio, which was produced for the first time by Farmamak in Turkey, and these products biodegrade in a very short time without damaging the nature.In 2006 Farmamak managed to add a brand-new dimension to the sector by producing a PLA folio which can biodegrade in nature.PLA folio, consisting entirely of raw corn, is considered as the product of the future.Again in 2007, Farmamak started producing an oxo-biodegradable PP folio based on PP for the first time.Also both of the products are eco-friendly packages which are of great importance nowadays.

Place of Use

  • Fruit/ Vegetable Packaging
  • Electronic Products
  • Coffee/Beer glass Packaging

Sizes of the Product

200 microns - 900 microns 1250 mm


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