Trends in the food sector, as well as market demands in packaging technologies and applications, are going through changes. The main reasons for the changes are the preference of high-quality products, freshness, food safety, long shelf life and lightweight packaging materials. MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) technology enables a rapid change in user trends and demands. The gas mixture used in packaging with MAP technology depending on the type of product being packed is usually a composition of CO2, O2 and N2. In types of food such as convenience food, cheese and cured meat, the presence of oxygen which leads to oxidation and the occurrence of aerobic bacteria and mold growth could result in spoiled food. The shelf life of food has been extended thanks to the filling method of MAP technology which uses different gas mixtures.

Parallel to the developed MAP applications, Farmamak has increased its technical infrastructure and product variety of barrier packaging materials. Farmamak is the first and only multi-layer coextruded (up to 7 layers) barrier folio manufacturer in Turkey.

Since EVOH is a material sensitive to moisture, this type of folio is produced with the method of extrusion and EVOH is used in the intermediate layer. In terms of oxygen barrier, EVOH is one of the best compared to other polymers. EVOH is an important barrier to oxygen, but also to fragrances, aromas, vitamins and organic solvents.

Today, Farmamak offers a wide variety of solutions which meet the barrier packaging needs of customers by implementing co-extrusion and lamination technology. Our barrier packaging products are shown below:

  • PP//PE/EVOH/PE Lam
  • PS//PE/EVOH/PE Lam

Place of Use

  • Meat, poultry, fish, deli
  • Infant formula and pet feed
  • Olive packaging
  • Coffee products
  • Sauce containers such as the ones for ketchup and mayonnaise
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit packaging
  • Beverage
  • Manti (dumplings)
  • Jam and Honey (New)


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